Selina Impact is a community initiative led by our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) department. Our collective mission is to make a positive difference across the global communities in which we operate by leveraging our people and our venues. Selina Impact is designed to make a positive difference with a focus on strengthening our personal relationships with the communities in which we operate. It is an opportunity to authentically engage our guests and staff, shedding light on local, social, environmental, and economic challenges. By adopting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we are creating special, impact-oriented programming at every Selina location.

Our focus areas include:

Strengthening Initiatives 
for Quality Education

Fostering Economic Opportunity for All

Creating a Thriving Environment


Our number one priority during this time has been to create a secure and comfortable environment, ensuring the health and safety of our team and community. In light of the global crisis, we have launched the following responses:

Selina Employee Fund

Selina staff is our family and we wish we didn’t have to take the difficult decisions to furlough or lay-off a single staff member. With travelers responsibly following global health protocols by staying at home, a number of our global locations have been impacted. The fund raised $44,000 in 6 weeks and we have distributed the funds to 234 Selina families in need. 

We have opened a number of our Selina locations to house staff during this difficult time. As of April 30th, 27 locations have housed 110+ staff facing housing insecurity due to the COVID-19 crisis. This exchange has created a unique opportunity for new solidarity to develop among our teams, while also allowing for new projects to flourish and for our community to remain accommodated.

Subsidized Worker Housing

Beds for Medical Staff

In Portugal and Colombia, we have been offering free accomodation to 50+ medical staff who are self-quarantining to protect their immune-compromised loved ones. and for our community to remain accommodated.


As a team we are taking action to highlight our shared global priorities for each of our impact strategies. These include:

Selina Gives Back 
Hospitality Program

By aiming to decrease unemployment, we encourage economic opportunity for all by providing a free job training program for vulnerable community members. The program consists of free mentoring, hands-on training, hospitality theory workshops and job placement assistance.

Impact: 570 People trained to date 
- 65% employment rate post program graduation


We strengthen communities by providing quality education-based, free programming in all our locations with a focus on creating a positive social, economic and environmental impact. Annually we host 3000+ impact programs across all of our locations where our guests, staff and local community members off their time and expertise. 

138,300 Beneficiaries

We create authentic and meaningful connections with local and global communities through location-based annual programs that focus on community mapping, outreach exercises, public hearings, focus groups and location/program tours. Community engagement is key to ensuring our programming relevance. 

200 Stakeholders engaged

We are an experiential company that cares about our employees’ wellbeing and cultural interests. We have built a company culture based on authentic community engagement, while also encouraging all staff members to give 2% of their working time to volunteer for causes and charity organisations of their choice. 

77820 Hrs donated


Culture of 

CR Impact Program Examples:

• English classes
• Mental health workshops
• Sports activities
• Free surfing classes
• Healthy cooking workshops for children
• Beach and city clean-ups
• Climate change lectures
• Recycling workshops
• Reforestation workshops
•Animal protection workshops
• Job readiness workshops for local youth members
• Women empowerment workshops
• Entrepreneurial workshops


Our Impact Department offers Internship programmes, providing an opportunity for anyone to come and make a local and global difference. If you are currently a student looking for a meaningful learning experience, or perhaps a university graduate who is ready to kickstart a new career, head over to our Internships Page for more information or get in touch with:

Impact Annual Reports

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The Selina Gives Back (SGB) Hospitality Program is our flagship CSR program that prepares local unemployed and disadvantaged community members to enter the hospitality job market with hands-on training and job placement guidance.

Through our specialised program, we have trained 570 local community members in key hospitality skills, taught 'English for tourism' classes and job placement techniques. 65% of our program's graduates are either employed or in school within 1 year of graduating from the program.

All of our Selina locations welcome partnerships with local community leaders, non-profit organizations and educators. Together we address local socio-economic and environmental challenges through free educational programming. If you are an organization, educational institution or social enterprise looking to partner with one of our global locations, please get in touch with: